Are communal showers in schools healthy or unhealthy?

What makes them unhealthy?Communal Showers should be wash off and cleaned every day if the school employs maintenance. This helps to avoid athlete’s foot and other communicable infections. When I was in high school, we had facilities like these, and up to 20 females could shower at the same time. There was frequently a wait for the showers.

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In my school, there was a lack of privacy as well as a lack of hygiene. It was more nicer to put clothing on over perspiration than to go through mould on the floor and walls into a room with showerheads, no stalls, and no curtains that were crowd with other people.
Showering also entailed strolling about with damp hair for some time for persons with longer hair. Uncomfortable. In the winter, it’s even worse.

The disadvantage of school showers is that you must be naked in front of a large number of people. However, one advantage is that it can boost confidence. I’ve seen individuals bullied because of their penis size, which is unfortunate. Also, when bathing, everyone else is naked, so you’re in the same boat as everyone else, which makes it less terrible. Everyone gets used to it, so exposing your penis and arse isn’t too horrible, and most people end up simply bathing and not bothering about what’s going on around them.

Some people may refuse to take showers, which may result in punishment. That is a negative if you are force to be nude and smacked on the arse or given a detention.

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