Why don’t Canadians adopt a health system like the American one?

Why are you asking this question at all? There are several explanations available on the internet. Some extremely extensive, that explain why Canada would never adopt an American-style healthcare system.

Life expectancy in the United States is lower than in Canada. Infant mortality is higher, wait times to see our primary health provider (a family physician) are longer. And the American medical system completely fails to treat many people who are not quite wealthy. Allowing them to die rather than receive treatment and bankrupting. Hundreds of thousands of others in order for them to receive treatment just to live.

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The United States is the only develope country with a healthcare system whose primary goal is profit for the healthcare insurance system. All industrial countries in the world give healthcare to all people, which is paid for taxes paid by all citizens, and the cost less than half of what Americans spend. Contrary to many of the false rumours and comments circulating in the United States, physicians throughout the rest of the globe paid by government single payer healthcare provider, which is support, as previously said, by taxes.

Furthermore, contrary to popular belief in the United States, healthcare is not free. As previously indicate, it is fund by taxes, yet it is provided free of charge at the point of service.

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