Nuzzle Pillow Reviews: Is it a Comfortable Pillow or Not?

Would you want to purchase the Nuzzle Pillow from or Do you want to know if the Nuzzle Pillow is genuine? So, read on to learn more about it.

What exactly is a Nuzzle Pillow?

The Nuzzle Pillow is a pillow that provides zero-gravity support. Thousands of nano-coil fibers are the key. So, each one works against gravity at the microscopic level to gently support your neck and cradle your head, giving you the sensation of weightlessness! Hence it is a zero-gravity pillow inspired by NASA.

According to the official website, it’s the world’s first and only pillow with two customizable inner layers that adapt to how you sleep. The narrow layer gives just the appropriate amount of softness and support for stomach sleepers. Furthermore, the medium layer ensures correct spinal alignment for back and mixed sleepers. For side sleepers, both layers work together to provide maximum support, allowing you to wake up pain-free and joyful!

Although the Nuzzle Pillow appears to be genuine, the primary goal of this review is to determine whether the pillow lives up to its name, and this review will reveal everything there is to know about it.

Does the Nuzzle Pillow work and what are the Customer Reviews?

The Nuzzle works, but there are also favorable and negative reviews from users online about this product, as well as complaints about poor customer service and shipping concerns.

I got a mattress a few years back, and I feel like I’m floating except for my head. So, I wanted someone to design a cushion that would do for my arthritic neck what my new mattress had done for my body. They have done so. has accomplished this. There is significantly less muscle pain. It’s not unexpected that they take their time fulfilling orders. Thank you for creating this product, myNuzzle.

It takes 8 weeks for them to fulfill an order, according to Leo. How difficult can it be? Also their customer service seems useless.

The Nuzzle Pillow’s Features

  • Thousands of nano-coil fibers offer a luxurious weightlessness effect.
  • Tested to keep its shape for 1,001 nights and days.
  • It’s made from the same phase change fabric used in NASA space suits that automatically cools itself to help control your temperature.
  • Also 100 percent machine washable

The Pros of the Nuzzle Pillow

  • It relieves insomnia and pain.
  • It regulates body temperature.
  • It is suitable for any adult.

Cons of the Nuzzle Pillow

  • It is unavailable on Amazon.
  •  It is now unavailable on Amazon.


The Nuzzle cushion, like the zipper sweeper, appears to function from all appearances, although it does have some drawbacks. Before purchasing, one must conduct extensive online research to avoid being cheated, as well as purchase from the official website.

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