Are push-ups bad or not bad for a 15-year-old boy?

A 14-year-old is normally preoccupied with school, games, friends, housework, and after-school activities, rather than how many push-ups he can accomplish. However, if the youngster wants to see how he compares to his classmates or how his dedication to sports practise is paying off, testing push ups prowess is entertaining.

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The typical number of push-ups a 14-year-old should be able to complete varies depending on gender and developmental stage. According to Teens Health, some 14-year-olds have hit puberty and are beginning to gain muscle; others may still lack enough growth hormone to achieve full push-up capability. To assess the average push-up score, a male should be able to perform 24 reps and a girl should be able to perform 10 reps at a three-second pace—without pausing.

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Absolutely not. Push-ups and pull-ups are excellent exercises for 15-16-year-olds. I speak from personal experience. I used to play competitive cricket and had an incredibly weak throwing arm, so I was told to start practising to strengthen the muscles in my shoulders and arms. He could barely perform one push-up when I first started doing them. He persevered and was soon able to expand it to double digits and beyond. At the age of 20 to 21, I could perform 70 to 80 repetitions at a time.

The best aspect is that at that age, the consequences are immediate and evident. The muscles grow quickly, and your shoulder muscles (pectorals and chest) just widen and explode out. My buddies (all men) were taken aback by the abrupt physical transformation and would inquire as to which gym. I went to.

Push-ups and an exercise regimen at that age considerably improve the body’s constitution and tone. I’m 28 now, and my shoulders are still broad and muscular. Despite the fact that I don’t perform as many push-ups as I used to. It’s something you won’t lose if you quit working out.

I am now an amateur long distance runner, and the upper body muscle strength. I have developed over the years certainly helps with my running, as I am sure it would with other sports.

So go ahead and perform your push-ups, perfect your form, and witness the effects for yourself.

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